Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eight Degrees of Friendship

We all have friends of different degrees. Here are the degrees...In my opinion.

  1. The girlfriend/boyfriend/Significant Other/ husband/ wife - This outranks #2 just in the fact that you had a huge ceremony to spend all your time with this person.
  2. The Best Friend - Some of us have more than 1 of these. But most have singled it down to one person that they can tell everything too.
  3. The Friend - This is someone that you see a lot and share some secrets with, but maybe not everything.
  4. The Casual Friend - This is someone that you may not see very often, but when you get together you can talk for awhile. But you probably won't talk again for a while afterwards.
  5. The Mutual Friend - Someone that you meet through another friend. You can have fun with this person, but usually only when the other person that both of you know is around.
  6. The Long Lost Friend - Someone you may not see for years, but on a rare occasion you bump into and chat for a while.
  7. The Work Friend - This is someone that you are pretty close to at work. And you may even hang out after work and get dinner or a drink together. But let's face it, once one of you leave the won't talk much.
  8. The Online Friend - Maybe you met this person through MySpace, Facebook or some online forum. You may share lots in common with this person, but you also fear that if you ever hung out with them in may not share as much in common.

I have at least one of each of these. And all of these friendships are incredibly valuable to me. Of course I'm sure that most folks don't like to think of themselves as "long lost" or just the "mutual" friend, but that's just the way it is. And I know that some hate to be called the "online"

Well...those are my thoughts today. Short and simple as always. Be good!

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