Monday, June 30, 2008

Ramen Noodles with Ketchup

I used to think they were tasty. But after tonight I think I'll retire the "fake spaghetti".

Had two days in a row off and, as usual, they flew by. I did manage to get to Best Buy and pick up a surround sound system for my TV and some DVDs. And I got a GREAT deal on some DVDs today.

Best Buy had a sale on the TV series 24 (seasons 1 - 6) for $16.99 apiece. This totals about $102 + tax for the entire set. WELL...the 1st season had a coupon for $15 off seasons 2 - 6 if you buy season 1. So this took $15 off EVERY season, making each season $1.99 apiece.

24 Season 1 - $16.99
24 Seasons 2 - 6 - $1. 99 apiece

= $26.94 + tax

Now I've watched the first two seasons and enjoyed the show. Now I can catch up on the rest of the series and paid less than SRP for ONE season of the show. I felt like a champ that day!! I also used a 10% off coupon on my surround system which saved my about $50!!

I also got a sneak peek of Hancock with Will Smith! I really enjoyed the beginning and ending. I think it slows down in the middle, but it's still a really good movie.

Next Friday is Hellboy2 and it looks GREAT!

Oh well...I'm tired of typing. Good night!

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