Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Braves game to forget, but a night to remember...

I like to take in the good time that my friends are having. Sometimes this causes me to be a little quiet (to which some may disagree).

Last night I went to see the Atlanta Braves play the Seattle Mariners with Kelly, Walls and Rachel. We started out early, so that we could get to the pre-game Budweiser cookout. We dined on hot dogs, hamburgers and BBQ. Nothing spectacular, but mom always told me not to complain about free it was DELICIOUS!! Oh yeah...I forgot the free beer!! This is where I took in the good times of my friends. I had a cup of Bud Lite(to help out the kidneys, I hate beer). But I did get to watch the rest of the group go for the gold in beer drinking. After many cups, belches and tons of drunken laughing...I declared Rachel the winner for tying Walls in cups downed AND the fact that she was still partying after the game. Walls didn't look too good. He may have conversed with the porcelain god last night.

The game was not exciting. The Braves got their clocks cleaned 10-2 by the worst team in baseball!! And Chipper Jones got hurt. Walls and I made the most of it by booing and heckling Jeff Francouer. This was even better when "Frenchie" got hit by a pitch and we heckled more. Folks around us gave us the "evil glare" and I'm certain we're headed to hell, but Francouer was fine and finished the game. After the game we moved to the seats behind home plate and watched the postgame fireworks show. It was gorgeous!! Very fun to watch as they played various classical music. As we walked to the car we ran into some friends, Catherine and Dustin, and chatted with them for a bit. Extremely weird that we ran into them in a town with over a million people and a stadium with over forty thousand!

As the designated driver I got to drive Kelly's car to the Waffle House in front of Bunjee's in Griffin. I had some technical difficulties(like forgetting to turn on the lights and then having the brights on) but I got us to the WH in one piece!! There we joked around with the friendly staff and cheered on the cook as he threw sausages onto the griddle!! We continued to joke around and have fun. We listened to Journey and Van Halen on the could we not have fun!

Another awesome night with my friends. I can't wait for the next!

Things I learned...
  1. Do NOT let drunk people carry foam tomahawks! They abuse them and you!
  2. 70mph fastball is not slow. My fastball is 53 mph! But I can place the ball!
  3. The south is full of beautiful women and they love the Atlanta Braves!
  4. Half the people at Braves games wear Jeff Franceour jerseys...just like Michael Vick jerseys at a Falcons game. That's why they must be booed, plus the fact they suck!
  5. Women love to take pictures of themselves. MySpace servers beware.

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