Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Thinking.

Pondering death and what happens afterwards. We have so many religions that promise different things like peace and happiness, eternal damnation with torture, 32 virgins and so forth.

I don't want everlasting happiness with no free will. I don't want to be tortured for eternity. ok...maybe 32 virgins would be ok.

This made me think of what I would like the afterlife to be. I'd like something more like reincarnation, with a twist.

What if time was a circle? What if we die and go back and start over in a new parallel universe? What if the psyche is transferred to an alien on another planet? So many MUCH more interesting ways to continued life.

I'm sure this has been written about before by people much smarter than I am. I'm just wandering how cool it would be.