Sunday, July 13, 2008

19 days in a row

Blue Beetle had to die again in Booster Gold # 10. RIP Ted.

In preparation for the upcoming 15th Anniversary of Bunjee's Comics, Bill and I, will be working at the Griffin store for the next couple of Mondays to prepare. We will be adding in some comics and cleaning up the clutter in the back. I also agreed to work for Bill today (Sunday July 13th) because he wasn't feeling well yesterday and he wanted to see his mom today. So my 19 days began on July 8th and will continue to July 26th. At least I'll make more money, and I can watch DVDs at work!

I mopped the kitchen floor last night. I seem to be really bad at it. I always seem to use too much water or whatever solution I've poured in the water. I get worried that the floor will never dry and I'll be walking on water(not like Jesus) or soap. But it always seems to work out in the end. Just some sort of paranoia. Unfortunately I have a roommate, who shall remain nameless(Patrick) that loves to cook, and loves to leave a mess in the kitchen. So I'll enjoy the day or two that the floor looks good.

Watched Batman: Gotham Knight last night. It was horrible. It consists of 6 different animated stories and all of them are drawn in an anime style. The stories were set inbetween Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The stories were dull and the animation was pretty bad.

Damn it's raining outside. Luckily Georgia has gotten a fair amount of rain this summer. At least Sonny won't have to pray for it now.

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