Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sci-Fi DVD watching month!

A forum that I go to pretty frequently(DVDTalk) has started a Sci-Fi DVD watching contest for July. Being the big fan that I am, I've been participating. So far I've watched sixteen movies(or 2 1 hour TV shows that total 1 movie). Mostly I've been watching Babylon 5 with my roommate 5000, but I've also used my Netflix account to watch some classic sci-fi that I had never seen. I also watched Alien / Aliens on my new TV and home theatre surround sound and it was INCREDIBLE.

I've set up the living room of my house as a "man's" room. I've put up posters of The Terminator, Shaun of the Dead, Big Trouble in Little China, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Casablanca. I have a new 46' Sharp Aquos LCD 1080p TV and a LG Home Theater Surround Sound system with 5 disc DVD receiver. I even mounted the rear speakers in the back of the room! And I have my PS3 and XBox 360 hooked up. My roommate Patrick has his Nintendo Wii hooked up (yes, we have all 3 systems). Oh...I also let Marlena put up a Sex and the City poster, but I digress. So if you never, ever...ever see me, it's because I can't afford to do anything now. But I have a room that makes me happy!

Last night the Tripod (Marlena, Kelly and Rachel) went with their S/Os to the Tom Petty concert. Patrick called while Petty played Runnin Down a Dream and Marlena called as he did American Girl! Sounds like they had a pretty good time. I heard he even did some of the songs from the Mudcrutch album...that's pretty cool.

Hellboy 2 tonight!! I can't wait. I'm a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro and Hellboy!! I have been anticipating this movie all summer...the initial reviews are good, so I'm happy.

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