Thursday, March 5, 2009

Because Lucinda Williams rocked me...

Amazing show! I can't even explain how great Lucinda Williams is to the folks that have never heard her.

Here's the setlist...

1 I Just Wanted to See You So Bad
2 Can't Let Go
3 Happy Woman Blues
4 Crescent City
5 Circles & X's
6 Pineola
7 Drunken Angel
8 Side of the Road
9 Everything Has Changed
10 Something About What Happens When We Talk
11 Lake Charles
12 I Lost It
13 Joy
14 Tears of Joy
15 Real Love
16 Changed the Locks
17 Come On
18 Essence
19 Honey Bee
20 Righteously
21 Motherless Children [with an emphasis on the Macon, GA residence of Blind Pearlie Brown]
22 Things That I Used to Do
[Lucinda comes to a full stop at this point and announces future merch discounts for fans subjected to the "gouging" fees assessed by the Live Nation-Ticketmaster "Mafia"--adding ironically "I'll never work again in this town after saying all this" and then noting that she would go back to playing on the streetcorner if this trend continues]
23 It's a Long Way to the Top. . . .
24 Every Picture Tells a Story
25 Little Rock Star
26 Angel (Jimi Hendrix song) [solo]

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