Friday, March 13, 2009

Because I want to look like Mickey Rourke

Seen WATCHMEN twice on IMAX! A very good adaptation of the book. The 2 hours and 41 minutes just fly by. Rorschach's prison scenes were especially awesome! And Silk Spectre II...gorgeous.

I chipped my tooth last night! I was eating an A-P-P-L-E dammit! It's not noticeable to people looking at my teeth, but I can feel it with my tongue. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but apparently not the dentist.

OK...promise not to laugh. Promise? Alright. I started watching Gossip Girl on DVD on Tuesday. I'm now through 6 episodes and I'm definitely enjoying it. As good as the O.C.? Nah, but this teenage melodrama has me hooked nonetheless.

Played some tennis on Monday. Need to get in better shape. Played two sets until we left because of the locals. If we're standing right beside each we need to scream? These kids did.

I want to make a meatloaf. A) because it's easy B) because I love meatloaf. I have a recipe for a brown sugar meatloaf. It's difficult because I get off work around 7pm and get home around 7:30pm. By the time I get it together and cook will be 9pm or later. Who eats dinner that late?

The house is getting cleaner. I try to clean up a little everyday. I need to put some corkboard on the back of our upper cabinets because of how bad the back of the cabinets look. I figure corkboard would work well and be useful. I still need to clean the empty bedrooms, but those are last priority.

I have a job prospect. Interviewed last week, was supposed to interview again on Monday until it got pushed back because the interviewer would be out of town. Now I'm just waiting to see when the next interview will be. This new job would take me out of town for a few days a week, but the money will be amazing! Keep your fingers crossed.

Until next time...

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Jess Addison said...

Good luck with the job interview!!

Oh! And you can always prepare your meatloaf ahead of time and pop it in the oven when you get home? Might save a little bit of time. ;)