Thursday, March 26, 2009

Because I have an hour left at work.

Been keeping busy lately. Pretty much Get Up - Go to work - do something after work. It's much better than sitting around. Or should I say that sitting around with other people is much better than sitting around by myself.

Grilled out last week with Kelly and Walls. Had some delicious steaks and then watched a GREAT vampire movie called Let the Right One In, which was made in Sweden. Also went to a grill out at Jessica's house on Sunday. Saw the friends and tossed the football. Had a great time ( when I read this I talk like Rorschach from Watchmen and pretend this is his journal). After I left Jessica's place I took Amber and Liz to see I Love You, Man and it was very funny!

Hung out with most of the same folks on Monday. Moved a couple of love seats into Lot 1 with Patrick. Painted picnic tables with Heather and Amber. *cough cough*watched Twilight*cough cough*. Went running on Tuesday, ok I walked but I also ran a lap.

Suppose to go out on Friday to La Parilla(sp?) in McDonough. Walls seems to think he's going to get Clark and Rebekah drunk, but that's just not their thing. Hopefully they'll have fun anyways. Then Saturday is Jeff McPherson's birthday and we're gonna eat at Southern Pit and party the night away at Hollywood Hills. Ok, maybe I won't go to the HH, but I can eat...right?

Speaking of eating...I have to go on some sort of diet. I'm gonna start running, but without a proper diet there's no good reason to even try. So I'm looking up stuff online and realize that eating less costs more??!! Ugh...I'm on backward world.

Alright...time's up. It's time to get off this couch I call blog.

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