Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's that time again...Deep Discount's 25% off sale - November 2008

Why, oh why, does Deep Discount feel the need to do this to me? Do they know I don't have the money to spend? Do they know that Ramen noodles are good for me and are trying to steer me to them? (BTW...Ramen noodles are chocked full of calories!! NOT good for you)

Twice a year (usually June and November) Deep Discount has a sale of 20% off. I usually drop about $200 or more on this sale. I use it to pick up TV on DVD that I've skipped or a movie that I didn't want to pay very much for. This time the sale has been bumped up to 25% just to get us to spend more, or maybe the economy sucks and they know we need it. So I'm looking through my collection and checking out the new DVDs and Blu-Rays that are coming out and I'm making a plan on what to buy.

So far I've made one order for...

  • THREE STOOGES COLLECTION: Volume 1 - 1934-1936 $ 14.99
  • THREE STOOGES COLLECTION: Volume 2 - 1937-1939 $ 14.98
  • THREE STOOGES COLLECTION: Volume 3 - 1940-1942 $ 14.90
  • THREE STOOGES COLLECTION: Volume 4 - 1943-1945 $ 14.90

I'm a big fan of the Three Stooges and these sets are great! I made the order on Friday November 7th and got them in on Monday November 10th! Talk about fast shipping...and it's free!!

I will definitely pick up Hellboy 2 on Blu-Ray and Scrubs: Season 7 by the end of the sale. These are no-brainers. But now I have to decide on other things I "need". Will I finally pick up those Mystery Science Theatre sets? Do I have to pick up A Clockwork Orange on Blu-Ray, or is the DVD good enough? I know that I should be worrying about the economy or when gas will rise again, but I can get these DVDs and not worry about spending money or driving anywhere to use gas. Ooohhh decisions...what will I do. The sale ends on November 23rd...we'll find out then.

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