Saturday, February 14, 2009

Because we can be happy!

I've noticed (and had it pointed out) that my I blog when I'm down. Well let's change that.

I've had some pretty good times the last couple of months. I had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed all the various parties that have been thrown in these months. I've had my share of vodka and the silliness that comes with me being intoxicated. I've had great conversations with great friends. I've enjoyed some movies at the big screen and at home. Watched a pretty good Superbowl(eventhough the wrong team won) with an amazing group of fun people.

I had a wonderful birthday week. Went out to eat on my birthday with a great group of folks. Also got visits at work from friends that brought me various delicious desserts. My folks even brought me lunch to work! On Sunday(the day after my birthday) I went to the Georgia Aquarium with Bill, Terri, Walls and Kelly. It was amazing! Just watching these creatures swim around without a care was surreal. And the sea otters and beluga whales cracked me up. Got to pet a shark and stingray! Afterwards we picked up tickets for Terri and myself to go to the ALL DAY BEST PICTURE SHOWCASE at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. I picked up a new hat at one of the malls up that way as well. We finished with dinner at Cheesecake Bistro. That was a bust, but I enjoyed hanging out with friends and that's all that matters.

I'm addicted to listening to my Ipod on shuffle. Finding the deeper cuts is always a thrill for me.

I've gained 10 pounds, but I'm not letting it bother me. I will have to get back to walking though. And I need to eat better.

I'm having an Oscar party at my house. I'm the current reigning co-champion! This year it's all mine. I can't wait!

Oh well. I'm through for today. Hopefully tomorrow can be this good.

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Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

I am happy you are happy and I am happier to know you.